Willowridge Park Townhouses

The Willowridge Park 3 townhome owners association undertook a major exterior renovation addressing building and occupant safety concerns. The project included: replacing shiplap siding with fiber cement lap and trim, replacing gutters and downspouts, replacing garage doors, stucco repair and paint, replacing decks with composite planks and metal railings, replacing house numbers, replacing all exterior light fixtures, and removal of three large trees. The property improvements significantly increased property value for the association and similar neighboring complexes. Some of the safety concerns addressed were: ice buildup on driveways and entrance walks from downspout locations, rotten deck joists, rotten or missing upper deck guards, water infiltration into dwelling unit through rotten siding and trim, and dead and overgrown trees.

The siding used was a factory painted fiber cement siding chosen because of the durability and longevity of the color. Fiber cement is also a Class A fire rating material which is desirable for multi-family dwelling units with this close of proximity. The decking used was an encapsulated composite core again chosen for its durability. The previous decks had reached their service limit of 34 years and were dangerously rotting, so the decision to use composite was to help meet maximum lifespan even with maintenance neglect.

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