Loveland Dance Academy remodel

The Loveland Dance Academy celebrated its 15th Anniversary in Downtown Loveland, Colorado, but has outgrown the leased space. The owners encourage business development in their downtown districts of Loveland and Greeley, Colorado, so they purchased a 100 year-old building just block away and began a major remodel undertaking. The focus of the remodel was to create large and spacious dance studio rooms with observer visibility while under a very constricting budget. The building is 5800 square feet on a single level sandwiched by a restaurant and karate studio. To begin, nearly the entire interior was taken back to the exterior walls and trusses, then re-framed to suit the needs of the dance studio. MC Squared Design Studio was the project designer, project manager and general contractor

Although this project was not a LEED Certified remodel it did use many of the LEED criteria to support sensible and sustainable design. Remodel versus new construction in an urban area supported by public transportation and pedestrian traffic. Prior tenant debris, materials, and furnishings were sold or salvaged to divert waste from the landfill, all fluorescent lights were salvaged and not sent to the landfill, numerous materials were salvaged to be reused for the dance studio, and metal and cardboard recycling diverted waste from the landfill. Low-VOC and zero-VOC paints were used to improve indoor air quality, and low-VOC adhesives and finishes were used. To reduce electrical demand high efficiency LED recessed canisters with occupancy sensors and low voltage LED track lights qualified for local utility energy rebates. The return-on-investment (ROI) for the light fixtures is expected to be less than five years including the rebate.  The mechanical systems use low flow plumbing fixtures, and HVAC units were equipped with economizers to incorporate exterior air cooling when air temperature allows as well as introduce fresh air to the supply.

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